Show Me The Buns.

On the 1st of April, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram went wild as ASOS revealed that they were going to introduce a clip on man bun. Inspired by the fashion statement for men, the clip on man was there so that the customers no longer need to wait to grow their locks. It caused a riot over social media. People saying how ridiculous it was, I saw a comment on Facebook, "I don't want to live on this Earth any more." Bit extreme. 

I'm sure those people were happy to know that Asos pulled this as an April Fools prank. Well done Asos. You pranked us well. 

However, what caught my attention was the response. I admit, I thought it was a bit strange at first, but I took some time to think about it and I asked myself, what's so mad about the clip on man bun anyway?

My darling, Bradley Cooper (swoon) and Zayne pulls it off. Men with poor short hair might not want to wait until his hair grows into "bunning" length. 

For years women have been using hair pieces to create longer locks. One that comes to mind is the clip on pony tail. Remember that? You clipped it on the back of your head? Or you had a pony tail on a hair bobble? Same idea as the clip on man bun. But what's that? Men shouldn't have clip on hair? Surely society isn't going back to those "Men should be men" attitudes? Oh yes. Yes they are. ASOS encouraged it by making a joke out the whole thing! The idea of the accessory was just too funny for them.  

Over the past years, I have noticed an intense fight for equal rights between the sexes. Does the #HeForShe campaign ring any bells?  When a woman wears extensions it's perfectly okay. But if a man was to wear an item to make him look as cool as those hipsters on Instagram, would he be a laughing stock? 

It does not seem fair to me. If you want "men to be men", then be prepared for "women to be women." Men go to work and women can stay in the kitchen. Women can have long flowing locks and men, you stay with a short back and sides because apparently, in this fashion obsessed, selfination society, that we have grown to love, following a hair trend is still only for women. 

I want to see those buns. I want to see people be abso-fucking-lutely fine with it. I want equality.

Until next time...

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