Welcome To My Wardobe: Monochrome Moods

It was very last minute that I decided to go to the Maison Bleue event and so I needed something new. I tried something a little different from what I usually wear. 

I have been admiring patterned trousers for ages and I fell for these from H&M. I apologise in advance for the range of filters on these photos. I've been playing around with editing and I'm not a big fan of my face or body in these pictures but hey ho. I don't class myself a pro at editing or modelling in anyway. 

Trousers: H&M 
Shirt: H&M 
Blazer: Glamourous
Necklace: New Look

This look was inspired by English Rose, Emma Watson. She always has a strong presence and yet she is very humble and, sometimes I feel, shy. She stands up for what she believes in and I respect that. I've been feeling stronger recently and I think a tailored look conveys this. The trousers and nipped in blazer shows off my shape and the chiffon shirt keeps it flirty. 

Thank you to the lovely Ema (isitvintage) for taking the photos like a pro. 

Until next time...

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