A Welsh Weekend

You know when your brain just doesn't settle and keeps running over the same things and creates new problems over and over again? It feels like the busy crossings at York Place. Mums can have this sort of super power to make everything feel okay. No matter how old you get, or how many times you say, "I'm an adult now!" You always need your mum. So I decided to pack my rucksack and take a weekend to Wales to see her and Grandad.
Mum has a great way making me realise that I need to chill. I hate it. I always thought that I was a relaxed person who just goes with the flow. I forget how easy it is for me to get worked up and worried about everything. And when it is just non stop, I need my mum's hugs and Grandad's wise words and his choice of breakfasts.

Obviously it wouldn't be a typical visit if my Grandad didn't wake me up with fresh paistries. Over the past years it has become a tradition of Grandad's to make sure there are at least a couple of croissants about. 
The cute little towns are just what I needed to relax. It's so quiet and quaint. I mean,  I rarely have to check the road before I cross it!

Teaching Mum how to selfie

My Mum and Grandad do their own markets and car boot sales. They sell antiques and jewellery which means I get first pick. You can see where my love for vintage and pretty things come from. I got to help out at one of the markets where I picked myself up a vintage Polaroid. I love it! Still had a film in it too. For a few years now I have found myself a nice little collection of vintage cameras and this one looks fabulous next to them. 
My mum's fabulous coat

I was super lucky to get a ring from this collection. Special thank you to my Grandad. It was too short a visit but a couple of days with the family is better that no days. Sometimes it is just really good to get away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city and relax. Which is why next week I'm off to Ireland! Ooh this little Katie never stops! 

Until next time 

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