Little Budgets: A Week Later

It's been a little over a week since I announced that I was going to do that 10 Pound A Week Challenge. You can read about it here. It was a challenge for me to stop spending my hard earned wages and remind myself the value of the Great British Pound. 
I was so buzzing to start it. I wrote the list, I took my tenner out of my purse. I was ready. 

How did it go I hear you ask?

Well...I tried. Like, I really tried. 

On the Monday I was feeling a bit down and I wanted to spend my £50 debenhams voucher. So I got Urban Decay make up. I bought more than I planned and had to spend 7.50 more. But that didn't count because it was included in the voucher, okay? It did. Not. Count.

The £3 for buses did count. And so did the £2.50 for chips. I was hungry and couldn't wait, obvs, to get home. 

I also had to pay for electric. So I can't help that....But I might have been able to do with out the couple of ciders through the week. So that was another £3-4. I'm pretty sure a tenner went somewhere else too. It might have been a new top,or a new play-suit, but I had a voucher and didn't want to waste it!
And there that time I forgot to take my lunch to work. And the time after that. oh...and add another £4 for buses. 

Sooo I probably overspent a little. Like a little £30/£40 over. Whoops. 

Okay, so I could have been better. I had written out my weekly shop and meal plans, but didn't stick to them whatsoever. In fact-to save money- I only ate what I had in my cupboards. Apart from those times I bought lunch at work. Dinner, however, was finding whatever I could find and making something wonderful. I know I spent over my said limit, but I was a lot more cautious of my spending which in fact made me cut back. So I did save a little, I like to think. 
Go me! And despite having a £30 splurge in New Look today, I'm giving myself a high five. A little one. Because I am going to keep trying to cut back. A new week is soon approaching which means a new tenner will soon be going. 

Believe me, it's really not that easy to do. I challenge my readers to do this £10 a week challenge. Let me know how you get on! 

Until Next Time... 

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