Little budgets

It's time to start saving those pennies and I have a plan.

I had a little rent mishap which was the kick up the arse I needed. I have just realised how careless I am with money. I never use to be. I was known as the stingiest bastard. I had to be. I was a student. Until I got a job. Then things got a little shall we say..."cray cray"? Even after I quit one of my jobs I still splashed the cash I didn't have. 

Looking at my bank statement I'm thinking, god. After bills (damn adult life) I only have 100 to live off for a month. That's insane. I was spending at least 70 a week! Ah...maybe that's why I'm in this position. Now, I am not ignorant. I know there are people who have £3 a day-even less a week to live off. I know that situation very well. But as I started earning and  became comfortable and, I suppose forgot the value of a pound coin. Even my managers at work have told me to stop with the impulse buys on my lunch break.

 So I have set myself a challenge. I'm going to have £10 a week only for a month. I'm going to set meal plans, budget and weekly shops. 
I'm going to document this as I go. So keep an eye out over on twitter and Instagram and I will do a re cap post at the end of every week on my little blog. 

I got the idea from this:

Here's the plan:

  • Plan out the weekly meals.
  • Don't use my debit card.
  • Keep receipts.
  • Keep a note of all spendings. 
  • Do this for a month!

I'm excited about this. I think it's time to get back to basics and appreciate the things that matter most. 
So let's do this shizz! 

Until next time 

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