Monochrome and Macrons.

Along the cobble street, just off Lothian Road, is Mademoiselles Macrons. A little, cute, French inspired cafe. It has just celebrated it's first birthday in business. The owner, "Mademoiselle", told me her story of selling her yummy macrons on markets and ten months later, her cafe opened.

Of course, it was a great opportunity to have a good laugh with some of my favourite blogger girls and of course, showcase my new jumpsuit.

Jumpsuit- H&M
Wedges- River Island
Jacket-Miss Selfridges
Necklace- H&M

The jumpsuit is the most comfortable item of clothing that I have ever worn. I had to keep reminding myself that I wasn't in pyjamas. It was raining and it has been very chilly but I am so sick of this weather. I'm hopeful that if I wear summery clothes, it might nudge the sun to come out. C'mon sun! 

I don't often wear jumpsuits as I never thought it could suit someone who is anything less than 5"4. But as soon as I put it on, the comfort won me over. It still shows off my figure and ties in with the boho look that I am in love it. So screw the rules than short people can't wear maxi lengths! Screw the ideaology that only models in New York can look good in a one piece. Strut your stuff in whatever you want. Just make sure you own it! 

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