#OOTD: British Problems

Even for Britain, the weather for "summer" has been, what can only be described as, unpredictably rubbish! We have literately been getting four seasons in one day. I suppose some people could say that we're lucky. Those people are the ones who have never seen snow and doesn't understand the struggle of trying to make a puffer jacket look good. It cannot be done. 
So on my weekend away, I had to dress for all seasons just to be prepared. I used to be a Brownie so I can do that shizz. 

I love teaming that shirt with my new boots-from Mum's wardrobe. The colours have an autumn look to it but quite frankly, autumn is the most common season to us. Cold, wet and windy. Sigh!

Jacket: Oasis
Sunglasses: H&M
Shirt: Charity shop
Jeans: White Stuff
Boots: New Look

Only in Britain can you wear a scarf, boots, sunnies and a light jacket. It can be roasting for half an hour then freezing the next. I am craving a good long summer so badly! 

Until Next Time

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