The Importance of Self Worth

Recently I have been thinking about standards. Through life we have been set standards by teachers, friends and more by ourselves. We set standards on how we must be. We want to be seen as a certain way by others but if we don't feel like we live up to these, we feel like a failure. 

Urgh! That word: failure. One that haunts me. For years I felt like a failure. I had no talent, no personality, no drive. I was no longer worthy of anything. If someone made a dig at me, I wouldn't respond. I'd roll my eyes and agree with them. I let people put me down because I didn't have it in me to stand up for myself, and I always guessed that if I did say something, I would get shot down harder. "I'm nothing", I'd whisper to myself. My existence was invalid. Pointless. 

What sort of life is that?

With help, I began to realise that my self worth isn't based on what other people think of me, or how I look. My self worth is based on how I felt about myself. I thought about my friends and family and how much I have been through. I can't be that weak if I am still standing on my own two feet? I can't be that much of a horrible, dull person if I have a group of very close friends. Once I stopped to realise the love that surrounded me, I realised that I deserve to love myself. I am actually a very good person who can have a good laugh and has a lot of love to give back in return. I am worthy of my own self love. 

You deserve to be respected and not to be taken for advantage in anyway. Whether it's in the workplace, school, relationships or just in every day life when you're in Asda getting some kettle chips for your Desperate Housewives marathon. 

Here's some tips to help you remember your self worth. 

1. Before bed, think about one thing that you're proud of or good at. Write it down.

2. Be productive. Doesn't have to be massive. Even if it's organising your shoes in order of colour or finally getting round to writing that letter to the Grandparents.Write a list and tick them off as you go along.

3. Speak to people, tell at least one person that you appreciate them, everyday. Even it's just your mum.

4. Treat yourself. Put your favourite make up on and spend time doing it, Dress in your favourite outfit and really enjoy feeling good.

5. Appreciate your beauty. Look in the mirror, and smile, like, really smile. You're alive and no one else is like you. You are fabulous! 

6. Do more of what you love. 

7. Sing from the heart and from  the top of your lungs. I promise, it releases stress and have fun with it. It is almost like a type of therapy. You can forget about your worries and just focus on what Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift has to say. 

8. Allow yourself to be kind and honest with yourself and with others. 

It is okay to be selfish and it is okay, not to be okay. You have one life, one body, one mind. You should love it. It's yours. You are worth every penny, every atom, every piece of love that the world can give. You are worth friendship, love and care. 

It is mental health awareness week and it is so important to keep your mind as healthy as possible. You are number 1. 
If you are going through something that is affecting you, check out these links:

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I shared it on my own blog article on self-worth. I especially love the tips in creating self-worth.