A Step Back To Ireland

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post on how positive it is to get away sometimes. Well sometimes you have to do it more than once in a month. This time I went to Ireland to visit my nana. The week was the most rev-elating, yet relaxing holiday that I have taken. 

Being away in an extremely rural and extremely familiar environment, I was able to take a step back from my "comfortable" city life. Everything around me is changing, especially with going back to Uni, I don't think I dealt with it the best way. I sort of put it to the back of mind. 

Change is scary. I will be leaving this routine of; getting up, going to work, coming home, getting up, going to work, coming home, with parties and blogger events in between every now and again. And when I took a step back, I thought. Good. 

I'm ready for an adventure.

Nana reminded me to surround myself with positive energy and fight off those who bring me down. I'm a very sensitive person in that way. I may not speak about my feelings very often but in fact I do feel. I feel the angst of others, I feel the nerves of my own, the depression of others and then I get so confused with my own emotions. I had to re-evaluate where my negativity and anxiety was coming from. Luckily, my Nana was right next to me helping me figure it all out with great words of wisdom. 

Sometimes, you have to cut ties with those who pass their negativity energy onto you. 
I need to stop getting so worked up about little things. 
If you can't change it, accept it and move on.

With this, Nana emphasised the importance of meditation. She meditates as part of her Spiritual Medium Development and I have started learning a lot from this. Just being the present and be aware of the stillness can keep you grounded. It is like having a cuppa and a massage all at once, but better. It relaxes me so much and really puts a stop to any worries that I have lingering.

Taking a step back from my reality has reminded me what is really important and what I really want. There is no point in worrying about what has been or what might be. 

I just need to do what makes me happy.

Until Next Time... 

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