#EdFashion Drink and Draw

For many, drawing can be therapeutic and put together with new fashion pieces, it can be a perfect environment. #EdFashion put together a "Drink and Draw" event at The Biscuit Factory this week. It was a great chance for upcoming designers to showcase their work, models to showcase their appearance and generally a good excuse for a catch up and meet up. 

Bloggers doing bloggy things
Now, I'm not much of an artist but I do find it relaxing and honestly, I just wanted to see the clothes. 
Each dress blew me away. The theme of Heritage was spoken of which I think is something that can be often overlooked. It is crucial to remember where you come from. The blue dress, "Woman of Wonder" was inspired by designer, Fern Goodship, Spanish heritage and the importance of strong women.They were all so powerful and I got a sense that the topic of "strong women" carried throughout. Even if she's wearing a cupcake, it's a strong cupcake. That's the thing about fashion, it can really tell a story and show the personality of the designer and whoever is wearing it. Yes, you can be covered in soft feathers but you can also be fierce. You can still have that red fire in your belly, ready to come out and fight any battle. 

Proving I was there with a selfie
For each design, we had 10 minutes to draw. It could be the scene or a part of the dress or even something that caught your eye. The chart music stopped and atmospheric music played as it captured the life of the design. Like I said, I'm not much of an artist and I started getting frustrated with my lack of skills, so my attention drifted towards the dog that made an appearance... 

I'd really like to see #EdFashion hold more events. I can't wait for the next one! 

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