Welcome to my wardobe: My Vintage Dress

Vintage fares are quite difficult for me. There's no order or organisation and it's only pot luck if I find something in my size. But last year I did find something. A dress. And I love it. 

I have never had anything like it before and so I was scared to go beyond my comfort zone. Only at the edfashion drink and draw event did I premier it. With socks and sandals. Don't judge. I was trying to break in my new shoes, 


What I love about this dress is that my mum had one when she was about my age, exactly like it. Everytime I put it on I think of Mum. I did actually have to do a bit of DIY-ing to this dress. It has a high neck but the two top buttons fell off. So with some trusty tit tape, I made a V neckline as well as ripping out the shoulder pads to give it a more flattering shape. 
It is so comfortable and I feel like I want to run about in a forest whenever I wear it. 

What's the best thing that you have found at a Vintage fare? 

Until next time... 

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  1. I would never be able to pull this off, but that suits you down to the ground! You are a serious vintage styled babe! :D

    Love Liv
    www.dungarees-and-donuts.co.uk xo