Reality check on Real Women

"Real beauty" or " real women," I see these words all the time, usually with a smiling woman next to it showcasing her  confidence. And then sometimes with a small jibe against anyone smaller than a size 12.
Excuse me?!

I have a functioning brain. I am breathing, I am in fact breathing as I type right now and I am a size 8. Sometimes I might have to go down to a size 6. Last time I checked I was alive and real. But if you think that I'm just some hologram please let me know via email. Unless I can't read it because I'm not real. 

What makes a woman real? Through a number of campaigns it seems to be their dress size. Oddly enough it is conveyed by a number women who promote body confidence and self love. The ones slagging off "skinny bitches" are the same ones who preach that your dress size doesn't define you. I agree with that statement. As someone who has felt defined by their weight, I know what it's like not to feel proud of buying a certain size dress. I felt it when I bought a size 12 dress, then a year and a half later when I bought a size 4. Although there is nothing wrong with those sizes at all! No matter what size you are you can still feel the same feelings. I want the next generation to know that they can be loved by friends, family and partners, no matter what they look like. 


Why do so many women judge another woman by her size? The most important question I can think of is "how does it effect you?" It doesn't. It is none of your business what dress size some is or how many gym sessions they've been to. So why even waste your breathe or your Facebook status about it? 

I've been told that I have a body of a child before and it hurt. What if I was to turn round and say that she has a body of a whale? Wouldn't go down as smoothly. It's a horrible thing to say, it's bullying and most importantly, it wouldn't be true. She doesnt live in the sea or have fins. She's a human being.

Just like a slim person is a human. Nothing more and nothing less. I feel so unwelcomed to some of the "confidence boosting" pages when all they post is the ideology that "only dogs like bones" and "fuck these skinny bitches". Sorry if my collar bones offend you. But that's my body shape. I'm a healthy size 8 with a small chest, thighs that touch and like the majority of women, I have my body hang ups and could do with a pick-me-up every now and again. Don't you dare make anyone with a small body frame feel insignificant. Don't you dare make anyone with a fuller body frame feel insignificant. Don't you dare make anyone feel insignificant. 

We are on this earth as equals.  

As humans we all have a personality, a brain and a purpose. A dress size does not define you. Focus on yourself and your own happiness instead of putting someone else down. When you feel that positive energy, share it. Share the good thoughts only. There's so much shit going on in the world without calling someone a " lazy whale" or an "anorexic twig". As funny as they sound, it can hurt. We need to stand together as equals and promote love and compassion for each other. 

And breathe

With this I send you love and light, 


  1. i love this so much! as someone who has been both slim and a little chubby i find it offensive when people preach body positivity by pitting sizes against eachother

  2. Loved this post! Loads of girls out there that need to be reading these kinds of things x

  3. I agree. We, women, just have to own up to who we are. Because regardless of your size or any other characteristic, if you believe yourself to be beautiful, the world will see that too.