Statement Styling with The Frosted Fairy*

A statement necklace can be a girl's best friend. It can make a dull and basic tee into a glamourous outfit and add a bit of jazz to a tired dress. 

I was ever so lucky to be gifted with a statement neckalce from The Frosted Fairy. The Frosted Fairy is based is Falkirk  and encourages everyone to make a statement with her quirky and vibrant necklaces. 

The Xoco necklace is just perfect for me with the turquoise details and it is so versatile. It pretty much goes with my whole wardobe. Fabulous! 

1. My summers day. 


2. Day to Night.

3. Shopping spree 


I think the necklace brightens up the outfits that I pulled together. 

It can even brighten up a basic black tee. 

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  1. I agree deary I agree with that statement neck-piece! I like the way your styling, are you open on following each other? if it in case you like my blog as well. Message me back whenever you have time.

    have a nice day!
    Cassie Thriftier