The Gathering 8

You must have seen it! The #scotstreetstyle hashtag. A network to connect to creatives over Scotland and encourage people to come together to share their love for fashion and unique style. 

The Gathering was organised by Gordon, the man behind the scotstreetstyle revolution and the Onward book. He has seen the talent and style Scotland has to offer and made it his mission to showcase it. The Gathering was held in the Biscuit Factory, Leith where over 400 people came to celebrate this style revolution. 

A photography expedition was held to show the mesmerising work of Kerry Lytwyn and Samantha Louise and Urban clothing line from Rachel McMillan, "Unapologetic" unveiled their newest collection.

It is so great to be in the company of so many strong people. It is so inspiring to see the confidence and freedom people have. Growing up in a small town, it was difficult to wear what I actually wanted and now, after 3 years in Edinburgh, I have found my confidence to strut my stuff in my favourite shoes. 

The Gathering did prove one thing; Scotland has Style. 

Until next time, 

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