They say that with age comes beauty. I can certainly say that about this dress. 

This dress was given to me last year by my Nana. She showed it off in the 70s when the bell bottom flares were first in fashion. Luckily she has kept it in perfect condition and was the same size as me so I can showcase the family style. I certainly know where I get my love for fashion comes from. But I have gained more than my love for shoes from my family. 

The tunic/dress has an empire waistline which just doesn't do anything for me so I sinched in the waist with a fabric waistcoat that i retrieved from a vintage fare last year. I have been looking for the perfect opportunity to wear it.

What I love about vintage garments is the history behind them. This came from my Nana, one of the most strongest women I know and reminds me of the strength within my family. The piece has been kept perfect and is still a strong item. Every woman in my family posses the strength to keep going. And this is what this dress represents. 

I gained more than this dress from my Nana and I gained more than the same eyes from my Mum. I gained strength, honesty and love. And also a petite figure. 

Nana, I wear this with beaming pride. 

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  1. I love that you also wear old clothes. I wear all my mum's clothes from the 80s as it's my favourite decade for fashion. My granny has also given me her white sari from her wedding which I will wear on mine (IF I get married lol). I think it's beautiful that you wear your nana's clothes and are reminded of her and your family :)
    I love how clothes can have that effect on people. People don't understand that sometimes.

    Becky :) xo

  2. Such a beautiful post Katie! That's so lovely that your dress has such sentimental value AND looks bang on trend! I love your styling trick with the waistcoat. xx