To my beloved Edinburgh

My dearest city,
It's been a magical 3 years. We went through good times, tough times and out of this world times. I would not have changed a thing.

I did not expect to feel so at home with you. You opened your beautiful historic arms and welcomed me as one of your own. 

You have helped me create memories I never want to forget. You saw me get my first flat, buy first legal drink, dance (badly) until the sun comes up, get my first job, second job and quit a job. You were there as I learnt to get my life back. You saw me live my life.

I have met people that have helped me grow as a person. I have met the most inspiring people and you have helped me find my drive again. Edinburgh, you have helped me find myself. You have seen me create my own life and made me revel in every experience the universe gave me. My dearest city, you have given me the life, the memories and the friends I never want to give up. 

I am not scared to live and embrace every challenge that comes to me next. I am finally the person I have always wanted be. You have prepared me for the next chapter and I am ready to live it in all it's entirety. 

My dear Edinburgh, you are more than a city. You are my first love. My memory maker. My dream creator. My home.
As I leave, only an hour down the road, I keep the fire you gave to me. And I leave my heart with you. I thank you for giving me everything.

See you tomorrow.


  1. This is so beautifully written Katie! It's the end of such an important chapter of your life and the start of a new exciting one. You know you'll always have your Edinburgh girls though <3

  2. This was lovely :) All the best for your next adventure my love.

    Lis / last year's girl x

  3. This was lovely and very warming! I love Edinburgh and always enjoy the atmosphere xx

    Jenny | Krystel Couture