Welcome to My Wardrobe: Little Pink Playsuit

It's ANOTHER outfit post! Hashtagging all the "ootd" "wiwt" "outfitpost" like everywhere with this one. Ladies and gents, meet my favourite playsuit. 

"You are my one and only!" 
Actually it's like my 4th playsuit but whatever. This one is super special. Firstly it's from Boohoo.com and their clothing is so one point for me. Most playsuits I try on are just not right for my short body but this one fits like a glove. 

 I wore this as my leaving party outfit, it was the last party I was going to have in my flat in Edinburgh so I wanted to look fabulous! It is definitely one of my most (ahem) revealing pieces in my wardrobe but I have plucked the confidence to wear it with pride. I am always a bit nervous with such a plunge neckline. But if I ever have a little mishap, I just think, well, my little chest isn't any different from anyone else's. There was I time I was really self conscious about having a small chest. It wasn't living up to the "expections" or what is thought to be "attractive". What a thing to think! But I'm 5"1.8 (remember that 8) and I would look ridicuouls if I had the boobs of Katie Price or Dolly Parton! I have learnt to embrace my little assets. No bra, no problem and I can truly embrace the 70's style.  

Now, going with my beloved 70s vibes, the paisley and tied deep v is just spot on. I want to be going Woodstock, like, right now. Someone call Christopher Lloyd and take me back to 1969! 

Until next time...


  1. This playsuit is fab! I love the paisley pattern.

    Saskia / girlinbrogues.com

  2. I love this playsuit! You look gorgeous xox