Budget Beauty Haul

Who said you have to spend a million dollars to look million dollars? Being a student again has reinforced my passion for saving money and finding cheaper options for those most wanted items.

I was in dire need for some new make up essentials and managed to pick them up while saving a bunch. I came home satisifyed with;

Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer (holy grail) 

Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeliner

Seventeen Phwooar Paint Concealer

Primark Lip Liner

Primark Dark Cherry Lipstick

Primark eyeshadow/concealer brush

Primark Beauty Foundation Sponge 

Are you ready for this?....

I spent less than £30. 

Whaat? Even with the Benefit foundation, I hear you scream!

Oh! I have my ways!

So you know those Boots and Debenhams beauty cards that you've got in your purse? They are actually very VERY helpful when trying to scrimp and save.

I saved up £10 on my boots card without even realising. I only had to pay for the Seventeen concealer (which I reviewed here) which was £5.40 I had a fiver on my Debenhams card and it was 10% off. Always look for deals when make up shopping. There are always offers on and they really come in handy.

Primark's make up collection has really surprised me. Their lipliner and lipstick stay on for a good while, even when Im eating and drinking! The lipliner is only £1 and lipstick only 80p. YES! 80P!! I love it! It's perfect for Autumn! I've never worn such a dark red and didn't want to spend a lot for just trying it out.
Their beauty sponge is a fantastic alternative to Real Techniques Beauty Blender. Like, why would I spend over £5 for a sponge?! Primark's is selling their's for £1.50. #justsaying.

So next time you're on the hunt for make up, take my student tips and looks for offers and make the most of your store point cards. Just because your fave beauty vlogger is using foundation containing gold and unicorn dust, doesn't mean you have to, to look just as, or more, faaabulous.

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