RuPaul's Drag Race: A Love Story.

"If you can't love yourself, how in the hell are you going to love somebody else? Can I get an amen?"

Well I certainly love RuPaul's Drag Race. I have found my new idols in life.

Introduced to me by my flatmate, we managed to get through 4 seasons within about 2 months. I was quite proud of that. But my obsession with the tv show was just the beginning. 

Then it was following them all on Instagram, watching their music videos (my favourite comes from Alaska Thunderfuck from the Planet Glamtron!), watching their Youtube videos and watching local Drag Queens in the Edinburgh night clubs. 
I am overwhelmed by their confidence and the pure sass that the girls hold on their shoulders! I have so much admiration for every single person who does what they do because it makes them happy. They have the confidence, clothes and make up that are my life goals!

When I was little I was told to "do whatever makes me happy" but sadly there are still people who are restricted in society and feel that they cannot be themselves. Hearing the Drag Queens' stories broke my heart, some of them were disowned or scared to come out until then. 
But what you just have got to love about them is the drive and love for drag that they have. They put on the make up, wig and become fabulous Glamazons (you can buy that on iTunes) and own that stage. 
As part of the challenges the Queens have to make their own outfits based on challenges and it is amazing what they can do with some fabric and a glue gun. It got me thinking about making clothes. I was half way down the street to grab a glue gun until I remembered the time I glued my fingers to a dream catcher. But anyway...I am definitely taking on their strong mentality. It is like nothing can bring these "bitches down". 

They own every piece of that stage with sass and fabulousness. 

Raja owning it

And there make up is (often) on point. Like, those Queens have my contouring goals!

And they can drop it like it hot!

Their fierceness, talent and confidence is something everyone should try. Sometimes it's good take a bit of Willim confidence and hold your head up as high as your hair! I am so excited to see my favourite Drag Latrice Royale and Mannilla next week in Glasgow for my 21st! It's going to be a party (in Adore's voice). 
Can't wait!

And of course, Ru Paul is taking his show to the UK with Katie Price and Jonathan Ross as his panel. I'm definitly not going to miss it!  

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