Beating the Blues

So I've been feeling a bit down the past week. Proabably a mixture of stress, lack of sleep and still adjusting to moving from Edinburgh.   

It can be such a little thing to trigger that horrible blue feeling. Something as simple as someone not texting back, not getting invited somewhere or even your favourite shop not stocking that skirt you had your eye one for the past month (looking at you Topshop). And you're just like; 

But you get nowhere from burying yourself under your duvet and avoiding those things you actually have to do. Mine is an essay, reply to emails and get organised for this Halloween weekend. A party with my besties is exactly what I need. 

So today I woke up and said to myself; 

I got out of bed (later than I should), put some clothes on, made myself a coffee, planned by day and I'm listening to Florence and the Machine. Her music always uplifts me. There's something quite spiritual about her sound and messages that she sends. 

I have a plan to be forever faaabulous you see, and I won't let anything stop me from that. I'm going to quickly go to town, pick up my last pieces for my costume and then get my essay done. I'm done wallowing in self pity, I'm done letting other people effect me because I have a life to lead. 

So this was just a quick post, but I just had to get my little thought on the blog. Hopefully you can take something from this too. Even just loving Drag Queen, Bianca Del Rio as much as I do. 
Have a good Wednesday folks! 

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