Boho on a Budget

The bohemian trend was definitely was my favourite look this summer and I'm not quite ready to give it up. Luckily, my student budget didn't stop me from collecting pieces to embrace it. Do not underestimate the Great British High Street. It's great for a reason.

"Stike a pose" She said
The best part about a budget outfit is the surprise on peoples' face when I say the price and store I got my pieces from. The lovely photographer, Tiny, from Tiny's Fashion, was gobsmacked when the word "Poundland" came from my mouth. Yes. That's right. Poundland. When I say budget, I mean budget.

Playsuit: H&M £19.00
Necklace: H&M £12.99
Sunglasses: H&M £5.99
Kimono: New Look (Sale) £10
Scarf: Poundland £1
Bracelet: Poundland £1 

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