World Mental Heath Day: Hey! It's Okay!

10th October marks World Mental Health Awareness Day. I want to break the stigma and get people feeling comfortable to speak about it and stop judgment. Mental illness comes in many forms such as; depression, anxiety, eating disorders, personality disorder and addictions. The list goes on! But there is nothing wrong with you if you are suffering. It is not a choice, it is a battle that is to be fought. 

Last year I told my story of battling an eating disorder and depression here and the amount of support that I received, after publishing it, was completely overwhelming. Over the last 12 months I have grown stronger than ever. Everyone needs to embrace the strength that they have no matter where they are on their journey. Oi! I'm talking to you too! Use that strength from your core and let it drive you into greatness. 

I find it so difficult to believe the way I use to be, even people I have met since can't believe it when I said I barely spoke. You can't shut up me up now, ha! And as for missing meals... 

Skipped meals are a thing of the past, my friend! 

Of course, no matter how far anyone has come from recovering from any mental illness, it still important to take every day as it comes. Unfortunately, there can be set backs and times where you have a moment, but what is most important is how you bounce back from them. 

I'm still finding ways, it is just learning as you go, y'know, that's life, but I have picked up some tricks when I feel down, anxious or triggered. 

Disclaimer note thingy: I am no psychologist or trained in anyway. This is just what I've learnt in my own process of dealing with my own illness. 


Firstly, take one massive deeeep breath. Your breathing may be irregular and deep breathes do calm your nerves. 

Speak to someone! Anyone! Just tell someone how you're feeling! 

Think about the situation in hand. If there has been something to knock you back then figure exactly what it was and calmly make a decision on how to deal with it. 
For me recently, it was the essays at uni. My "First Freak Out" post was only a little of how I was feeling but after a couple of days, I sat down and thought enough was enough. I'm not going to let course work that I need to do, take over my mind and emotions. I wrote a list and just "got on" with the essays. 

I know it can be difficult when people say "just get on with it", but sometimes you have no other option. When you do this, you're not being trapped into doing so; in fact, you've taken control of the situation, rose above it and owning it. 

Don't do it for the person who said "Just get on with it"!
Do it to shut, the annoying voices of self doubt, up!
Do it for you! 

Stay active as well. The worst thing you can do when you have a set back is do nothing. Make plans with friends, go shopping (the amount of shopping sprees I've had over the last 2 weeks is a bit excessive but hey ho), do anything, even try to face what you're trying to ignore. That can work too. 

Don't beat yourself up. Of course you can get through it. Whether you've had help in the past, what ever your dealing with, you have the strength to power through and overcome it. 

Everyday you are battling the mental illness. Even after recovery, you can still be making choices not to set you back. For me, I just don't look at any calorie figures. Completely ignore them. They don't count unless you count them right? So yes, recovering isn't the complete end but it is a battle that I am now winning. And I love to win. 

The way I see it, whether you are getting help for your mental health issues, want to get help, recovered or still battling it on your own, you still have an enormous amount of courage and power within in you to get to where you want. You have the strength to get up every morning and face the day.Just by doing that shows that you have the power! *Que the song* So it's just one more step to the next. 


Don't worry, you've got this. 

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