Best Foot Forward with Ted and Muffy*

BOOTS! Boots everywhere!

Last week Edinburgh Bloggers were invited to the launch of Ted and Muffy store on Castle Street. Ted and Muffy were previously known as Duo but after some time, founders, Ted and Muffy, decided that they had lost the touch that made their brand special. So, they went back to basics, found their magic and re-launched as Ted and Muffy!

Ted and Muffy "work with carefully selected, artisan European shoemakers and nothing inspires us more than watching them work. We go to great lengths to source the finest Italian leathers and suedes with which they expertly craft our collections, bringing our designers’ visions to life".

 The ladies at Ted and Muffy welcomed us with some fizz and nibbles and let us have a look round the store to get a proper feel of their new lines and fabulously magical footwear. They have a range of ankle boots, calf length boots, knee high boots, thigh high boots, flat shoes, flat boots and shiny shoes. And Breathe. 

Overwhelming right? 

Yeah, I felt it too!  

personalised name cards for us for the night

We were very lucky and were able to have a choice of a pair of shoes or boots in celebration of their launch and it was THE MOST STRESSFUL THING EVER! 
To be fair, the fitters were so lovely and helpful. They measure your calf and foot width to make sure that you get the perfect shoe fit that Cinderella would be proud of! 

But c'mon! How is a girl with a shoe and shopping addiction meant to choose out of the most wonderful choice of footwear?! I spent around 20 minutes looking at every pair. Am I too short for knee length? Are my legs too big for calf lengths? What size of heel? Do I get a heel? Will my back hurt in flats-like always? What colour do I get?
But my main dilemma was this; 
Do I go for something that I will wear very regularly or do I pick a pair that is just so fabulous and an "every now and again" pair? So I went in wanting a practical flat boot, because I never buy myself any decent flat shoes. 

I walked out with an order for The Empress thigh boots on the far left. 


Oh well. I can't wait to get them because they are so perfect! Fits like a glove and considering they're a heeled boot (not that heels bother me #shortgirlproblems), they are so comfy! I already have 5 outfits that they can go with! You can see how I styled them here. 

Massive thigh high thank you to the ladies at Ted and Muffy for hosting a wonderful evening and helping us girls out finding our perfect footwear! 

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