Chilled Days with Go Customized*

With the winter nights drawing in, I find myself reluctant to leave my flat. It's so cold and windy outside and I have everything I need at home.
I have my coffee, food supply, laptop and phone with a new cover from

Of course, I have to venture out to go to Uni so thats where I socialise. I don't know about you, but the winter makes me a little anti social. And now that I have a functioning laptop, I can watch all the series to my hearts content.

I have just finished watching My Mad Fat Diary on 4OD and it is so good! It's set in the 90s so you should just watch it for the soundtrack at least.

With being stuck in the flat, I have been your average young adult with my phone as an extension of my arm. This has only been made easier with my new light personalised iPhone 4 phone case. Go Customised got in touch and told me about their services. They offer personalised phone cases but it doesn't stop there. You get to create your own cover for a laptop or tablet cover too. They also have templates you can use. I think it would make such a cute wee gift.
I went with a photo of my one true love. Coffee. With the caption, "Make Coffee Not War".
This time I got one for myself, but I think I've got some Christmas ideas now.

Yes! I said the C word! This is just the beginning. I will be getting my Christmas jumpers and tinsel out any day now! I just love getting all snuggly on the couch and relaxing. It's the best part of Winter!

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