Thursday Thoughts: The Perfect Blogger

 I have decided on doing a lifestyle series. Along with my fashion posts and student posts I want to make sure I was still giving you my little thoughts on life and other little things that I have thoughts about. So the title's pretty self explanatory really. IT DOES WHAT IT SAYS ON THE TIN!

So, "The Perfect Blogger" is something that I have been thinking about quite a lot in the past couple of months. We have all seen the rise of the bloggers like Zoe Sugg and Tanya Burr which, I feel, has influenced quite a few people to start blogging for the same success. This means there is so much more competition in the blogging community to be seen and to have that certain "look". Many people are striving to be the "perfect blogger".

What exactly makes the perfect blogger? Through some extensive, scientific research (casually reading blogs and scrolling instagram), I have seen the secrets. By following these, it appears that you can be perfect.

1: Get a camel duster coat.
2: Use a beauty blender.
3: Have 2005 make up brushes.
4: Pastels EVERYWHERE.
5: Have pets.
6: A themed instagram. Usually colour coordinated.
7: Blogger boyfriend
8: If pastels don't work then a monochrome theme is the only other answer.
9: Release a book.
10: Have perfect hair.

Now, I don't know about you, but I don't have many of these. I don't suit the camel colour, I don't have enough pink things to have an "insta-theme", I have 3 make up brushes and my hair is uncontrollable.  Does this mean I'm a shit blogger? Nah. I don't think so.  Obviously, I'm just have a bit of joke with that list, but I do have a point. There seems to be a huge amount of pressures on bloggers nowadays to fit a certain criteria and to feel valued. I tried to create a theme on my instagram and I tried to make a strict blogging schedule, but you know what? It's not easy, I don't have a schedule in life and my blog reflects me. As bloggers we should you know, "keep it real". The best blogs that I read are the ones that tell it how it is! If you feel like you're forcing yourself to blog a certain way, or feel stressed when criticising your own blog, then stop. Relax.

Blogs don't have to be magazines!

I am sick of seeing those "glossy" types on blogs. Where everything is just so picture perfect. The beautiful thing about bloggers, is that we are real people with opinions and passions and when you can see that in a blog, whether you have lifestyle, beauty or fashion blog; it is such a good read and a sense of realism.

I know my photography is rubbish, my photos are usually taken on my iPhone 4 and most #OOTD are selfies in a dirty mirror but that's my life. I can't work my actual camera and I cba cleaning my mirror or getting my tripod back from my pal. Despite this, I'm really proud of my little blog.

In a world where we are consumed by the media and what we read in magazines and newspapers are so tailored to a certain agenda, it's so refreshing to see bloggers with a mind of their own and not conforming to the "perfect" standards of what has fed to us. If we keep it up, as a community, I feel like we could make a difference. It's almost revolutionary.

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