Thursday Thoughts: Pet Peeves

You know those days where everything just ticks you off? Or what I like to call, the days where everyone wants to piss you off on purpose and makes sure they go through all your pet peeves? 
I had one of those days this week. 

Look, I'm a very kind and caring person, but there are some things in life that have to be done in the right way. MY way. I'm not controlling...okay maybe a little...but it's for the good of the human race! Or just the people around me. So without further or do, here are my top 8 pet peeves:

1. Dirty dishes. 
I shall not elaborate on this. That would be a whole different blog post. 

2. People abbreviating words in speech
Even though I do it too, and can't stop saying "v" for very or lol, it really grinds on me! So I'm my own worst pet peeves. Legit. 

3. Overflowing bins. 

4. People eating loudly. Like, don't mean to be rude but SHUT THE FUCK UP! I want to have my lunch in peace without hearing the tomato pasta symphony that's going on inside your mouth! 

5. Leaving plugs and lights on
Save the planet and the electricity bills. 

6. People watching me eat. 
Like seriously, don't stare at me. I once slapped a girl because she wouldn't stop looking at me while I ate a cheese sandwich. 

7. Getting interrupted or talked over. 

8. Heavy breathing
Especially on public transport. Like, stop breathing your germy germs at me! 

The biggest thing overall that annoys me is actual pet peeves in general. The fact that I have these, and more, annoying pet peeves is a pet peeve in itself. I go to bed hating everyone and everything. What's an irritable girl to do! 

What are your pet peeves? What do you do about it?

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