Thursday Thoughts: Stop the War

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This morning I heard on the news that David Cameron is planning on carry out the airstrikes in Syria. He claims that we must think of our nations safety (yes, good) and that Isil (or ISIS) is a growing threat. Well, you can't argue with that. However, what you can argue, and I do argue is that the airstrikes from the UK to Syria might not be the best answer on keeping us safe.

This major action has been driven from the recent terror attacks in Paris and threats in Belgium which has been found to be 'inside jobs'. If Britain is going to be attacked I believe that we will be whether or not the airstrikes go ahead. In fact, the airstrikes are only going to encourage terror to us.
How can Cameron justify this? If you listen to his statement, it is weak. All he talks about is 'questioning' the safety of our nation but doesn't actually say how the airstrikes will keep us safe-apart from bringing down an entire radical, extremist group-and by bombing areas, he thinks that will work.
I don't know what is going through Cameron's mind! Does he think every single member is just sitting around playing cards and that can just wipe them out just like that?
Oh and of course more blood shed due to these airstrikes. Great... (massive eye roll).
The thing is, there is already airstrikes in Syria and Iraq from the US, France as they believed it would weaken ISIS. That was a year ago and now there is more terror that before. Does Cameron really think by adding to it and going to war will the solution? It's mad!

The money that is being spent (tax payers money) on these awful airstrikes should be put to use on staying in the country and increasing our defence on our home land. If there are suspicions of a threat, the Government and security should be able to act fast to keep it controlled. Money should be spent so that there is a system of defence all over the country and to keep the people of Britain safe. Thousands of refugees are migrating here for sanctuary from these terrors that Cameron wants to add to, they shouldn't be fearing for their lives in their new home as soon as they arrive! We need this to be a safe place for everyone living here!

My fear is that these airstrikes will lead to what will be known as WWIII. Because it definitely seems that way. But I am a true believer, and always have been, that you cannot fight hate with hate.

If you want to prevent the airstrikes too, you can sign the petition on 
There will be protests around the UK against the bombing of Syria.  More information on the website.

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