I say "break" lightly because I go back to Edinburgh almost every weekend to catch up with my friends. But over the Christmas break and my trip to Ireland, I have been missing my catch ups and I really wanted to take my new camera out for a spin. *Heads up, this is a photo heavy post*

First stop is a natter with Rebecca over lunch at Eteaket on Fredrick Street. I had heard lots of good reviews and I am always up for going somewhere where there isn't over produced, pre packaged chain food and coffee to match. This cute little cafe is full of colour and comfy seats with a really warm atmosphere. Eteaket prides itself on their unique tea range-and bloody tea heaven, their list has a menu page all to itself! I went for the mattcha latte which is green tea with sweet milk and honey. Who knew green stuff would actually taste nice?

After uni talks, work talks, life talks and the oh so famous boy talk, me and Rebecca parted ways. I hadn't actually seen Rebecca in MONTHS and it's funny how much I had to actually tell her. Texts usually contained my over used "Not much. What have you been up to?" And as soon as we sat with cups of tea, suddenly the past few months sounded a lot more eventful for the both of us. 
Next catch up was a catch up with my fellow fashion and make up enthusiast Derek. And I'll be honest here now. A "quick coffee" turned into cocktails which then turned into a night out back at Stirling. But on our way to the Slug and Lettuce, we were stopped in George Street but two girls who wanted to take our photo for their Fashion society at Uni. 

Well what can I say?  We don't spend my money on clothes just for fun. They're to be seen! A little bit of bloggy networking/promo doesn't go a miss either, does it?

We were buzzing!

After a long week back at Uni, it was great just to sit back, relax and enjoy the buzz of my Edinburgh again. And I'll probably do it all again next weekend!

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