Make Up Madness

I don't know why I don't do more make up posts, it's something I can't go without. I've been wearing it everyday since I was 14 (even if my foundation was 2 shades darker than it should be) and over the years new products and techniques have been introduced. Recently I have been buying more makeup than I have clothes (whaaat?!). I know! And as the bargain hunter that I am, I have found some really great products that I just really really really want to share with you. 

Here we have 3 eyeshadows, 2 highlighters and 1 concealer. These are my most used products, especially over the festive season with that gold eyeshadow 'Limitless' from Makeup Revolution. That eyeshadow is my all time favourite and it's now on sale! With a baked texture it has loads of pigmentation and gives that rusty shimmer that is just perfect for a night out. The two smaller eyeshadows; the black cased one-NO7 has a light shimmer (doesn't have a name). The clear cased one is from Catrice in Vanillaty Fair. It is perfect base and brightens up the eye area.  

The 6 pallet shades on the right is from Makeup Revolution and gives all the tones needed to sculpt the face. And look at the heart on the left! Let's just take a moment to appreciate the cute packaging from MakeUp Revolution. This highlighter is also triple baked and gives the perfect light rose shimmer. 

Catrice is a brand that I came across in Ireland. I haven't actually seen it here in the Uk. But it's VERY affordable and their quality seems to be really good. The concealer-in porcelain- works really well as a subtle highlighter without the shimmer. It also works quite well covering my dark circles but I also use Seventeen's Phwoar! paste. 

Makeup revolution 6 pallet 

Limitless eyeshadow 

 I am just loving highlighters so much and I am obsessed with contouring-more so now after an indulgent Christmas. Even more so I am in LOVE with all the the budget make up brands that have made their way to our shops-Makeup Revolution and Freedom being 2 of them. They are so good and prove that cheap is not always crap. 

What do you think of the budget brands? Or are you loyal to the high ends? 

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