Pretty Pinafores

Top o' the morning to ye! 
Before Uni starts up again, I have taken a trip to Ireland to visit my Grandparents. I always love popping over to the Emerald Isle to see them. I use to help them out in their shops and now I am helping them with the house work as my nana helps me out with my little blog. She has been playing photographer and blog idea maker for the past week. She's been fabulous! Just like the gardens that her and my granddad have cared for, which of course gave me a great opportunity for an outfit post. 

The pinafore dress is something from a school memory, running about the playground with a bum-bag to hold your sparkly hair clips in. Or at least that is my Primary School memory. But the designers have been loving re-jogging our memories haven't they? And on this occasion, I am very glad they did. The re vamped suedette pinafore dress is perfect for Autumn/Winter and I'd like to think that they will be back again the following winter so it is definitely a staple. They are PERFECT for layering too. Tops, jumpers, scarves and coats, and as the roads are getting icy and snow is beginning to fall, we need all the layers we can get. These pinafore dresses are not just for the classroom. 

I have been wanting to proper show off my pinafore dress from Exhibit. With my red Mac diva lipstick and a simple black turtle neck, I have the perfect winter outfit. You may have also seen this dress but in green here. I love it so much I had to get two colours. By layering necklaces  and pairing it with a range of different shoes and boots, I think I've got a winter staple right here. 

As the temperatures plummet around Ireland and the UK, reminding us that winter is far from over; what are your winter must haves? The garden here is just wanting a bit more sun! 

Dress: Exhibit
Boots: New Look


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