#STUDENTLIFE: New Year, New Semester, New Start

God this feels good! I am sat with my laptop at my desk for the first time in months! I feel alive, alert and awake. And it's 9pm. For the past few months, I slipped into some bad habits and 2016 has given me the motivation to fight back once more to keep moving forward with my goals and dreams. After some peaceful time in Ireland (there will be a post on that v soon), I have got my fire back. 

I am finally getting some sleep at night and not sleeping in til 12 like I use to. I have reached out to a magazine for an internship because I am starting to think that I actually have what it takes to be a journalist and I am making more of an effort in Uni. I am already planning on meeting up with more folk from classes and I am definitely joining the film society. Right now I am finding my film and media course so exciting and it is really bringing my love for the arts back. So much so that I am writing for the online theatre magazine Ayoungertheatre.com again. I gave it up for the past 9 months or so as I just lost all want for it. But as I am researching for the interview and article I get to conduct, I am just in awe and intrigued by it all. Do you know what it's like to feel excited about something after not being excited for anything for so long? It's like I just get a rush of adrenaline and my heart is going faster than it has before. I forgot what it was like. And this is just fantastic. 

I can kind of see that this is sort of going off topic from the classic #studentlife thing I had going. But see, I got carried away. #sorrynotsorry. 

Anyhoo, the new semester allows a student to regroup and find their focus back on their courses and with their mates. If you hadn't done as well as you wanted in the past term, then you've got this fabulous chance to get it back! 

I have promised myself that I am really going to focus and not just try and catch up on 4 months work when I have exams. I know it's just first year and "that doesn't count" but I like to do well. I actually enjoy learning and studying when I'm in the right mindset-which I totally am. I feel so much stronger and happy. I am prepared with what I have coming. Even the dreaded presentation in April (spew). But I can do it. 

So let this new semester give you the kick up the arse you need! If I've got it, you've got this! 

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