#StudentLife: 12 Thoughts of Every Student

1: I can't wait for the weekend.
2: Are these crisps too loud for the library?
3: I should be doing course work.
4: But ring of fire is a lot more fun.

6: I'll be living off savers beans on toast for the rest of my life.
7: This hangover will kill me oh my god.
8: At least if I die, I won't have to repay my student loan or pay rent.
9: I'm only using the library because it's warmer than my flat.
10: I'm going to be so organised this semester.
11: I can totally write 2500 words in one night. With red bull, coffee and possibly vodka. Most likely vodka.
12: Why do I want this degree again?

What are your student thoughts? Comment and add to the list!

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