Blogger Party With Nobody's Child

It was a change for little me to be getting on a train to Glasgow for a blogger's event but I was lucky enough to be invited to a bloggers party celebrating the new clothing brand, Nobody's Child. I have seen them on my instagram and have been lusting over some of their clothes for a few months and so I could not miss this! The party was held at Glasgow's freshest hair salon, BLOW which was offering hair styles and some girls got some sparkly glitter roots. I knew as soon as I walked in that this was not just your average hair dressers. It is something unique, a perfect place for us bloggers to hang out, eat, drink and talk fashion.

These are some of my favourties from their website that I just had to show off because I think pink is going to be a very popular colour this season and a new season always means new clothes. So why not go to a new online store? I am lusting after the jacket and flared sleeved playsuit. I'm a sucker for bell sleeves aren't I? 

Forever Your Betty with Sarah showing off Nobody's Child's off the shoulder dress
Going through to Glasgow meant I finally got to meet some Glasgow bloggers, some that I had been reading their blogs for ages and totally fan girling over when I saw them. I FINALLY met Lis from lastyearsgirl who was one of my earliest followers and we have been speaking on twitter for like a year in passing, so I had to giver her a huge cuddle of course. The ladies from Nobody's Child told me the history of the brand and all the work that went behind it which was so inspiring.

Nobody's Child was founded by two family business and two brothers, one being the designer. Starting their journey 10 years ago, they officially launched in October 2015. They know how much we like to shop and how fast we like to shop. They provide budget friendly garments which are high quality (win!!). How many times would you pick something up at Primark and it would already be falling apart? Well, after seeing these clothes close up and personal, I can confirm that they are a high standard brand that deserves to be in your wardrobe. Even better, they pride themselves of being ethical and have complete control and knowledge of their factories and sources. You can read more about them here. 

In BLOW, they have the PERFECT selfie light which means you can have a 'blowfie' as the girls in the salon call it. Perfect to capture the smiles of the night. It was so fun getting to catch up with the girls and me and Louise probably did spend a tad too long in front of the perfect lighting...#sorrynotsorry
More bell sleeves...

Through the night the drinks were flowing, the food was eaten and I was a tad tipsy but maybe it was just the buzzing atmosphere. I was surrounded so many influential women and an exciting new clothing brand. Thinking back, I feel so inspired. It has taken the founders on Nobody's Child 10 years to finally be where they are, proving hard work and integrity can truly pay off.

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