Love From, Ireland

Happy St Patricks Day!! With the amount of times I visit my family and Ireland, how could I not celebrate it with a blog post of my latest trip?
Ireland is lives up to it's pet name, 'The Emerald Isle" with lush green fields that stretch for miles and are broken up by little stone walls. It's quaint, peaceful and remote. Just what is needed after stressful weeks at Uni. Of course, I don't go to see the countryside, I go to visit my Grandparents. They are my rocks who I can turn to and look up to. And with living in the Mid-West, they look up to the Sligo Mountains. Although, I have to admit, they've got nothing on our Scottish mountains do they?

The Irish elections were in full swing when I was there and you couldn't drive down a single road without seeing a campaign poster..or 5.  But honestly, the view looks better without them, so try to ignore them.... 
My grandparents took me out to a few cafes, one at the Foxford Woollen Mill and when we went to Sligo, we had to go to the Bagel Bar to set us up for shopping with a giant cup of coffee included. There is a TKMaxx that my nana (aka Power Woman) just loves and being an hour and a half away from her house, it is the closest store. Just to give you an idea of just how remote it is. Like, tractors are still a popular mode of transport! I also had to go into my favourite shop, Exhibit. We don't have one in the UK but their skirts just fit me like a glove and their designs are just perfect! So I got a couple of things from there too. It would be rude not to. 

Just a cute little pig

Yet, despite the distances of towns, everyone is very content with it all. The community is very much alive and they thrive off the each other. There were people always popping over to visit my Grandparents and with my Nana's new business, she was never too far from her phone. Nana has bravely opened up her home as a Spiritualist Centre. It is so inspiring to see her following her dreams, proving that it's never to late. While she was working, that left me and Granddad to take a drive to Foxford where he treated me to THE BEST LUNCH and THE BEST CHEESECAKE! I had a thick crusted, melt in the mouth spinach and red pepper quiche with a side salad that glistened. That salad made me feel a bit too good so the only option was a devilish white chocolate and milk chocolate chip cheesecake that was so creamy and rich which caressed the tastebuds. Can you tell I liked it?
We also spoke about how my generation are obsessed with sharing everything, so I decided not to take any photos on that day and keep social media to a limit. It reminded me of the art of conversation. I don't think I've lost that but I know many who may have. Technology is great but of course it has downfalls. Since that afternoon with Granddad, I deleted Facebook off my phone (whaaat) and make an effort of not scrolling through Instagram when I'm standing with people. The art of conversation and the beauty of community spirit is something I think we can all learn from the generations before us.

When I'm with my Grandparents, it feels like home. I can relax, speak to them about anything and just leave all my worries and stresses behind. It is always horrible when I have to say goodbye but they have this way of really motivating me to be the best I can be. Their support and guidance reaffirms any doubts that I've ever had. So the journey back is a mix of sadness and excitement for what the near future has to hold. I take their strength, energy and lessons with me where ever I go. This is what I get when I go to Ireland. And this is why I love Ireland.

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