A Little Spring Wishlist


Has Spring sprung? Being in Scotland, it's hard to tell. Yes, we get a bit of sun for about 5 minutes but come 6pm the chill in the air comes in with a bite. It's hard to shop for spring, let alone dress for it, when the weather is so...British. Yet, that hasn't stopped me from eyeing up some things in the shops. 
I so want some new jackets. A pink bomber jacket is defo on my list, yes, I'm aware I will look like Pink ladies Jan, but pink is the colour I want to coated in (pardon the pun), this spring. From head to toe, with a floral head band to some pink socks...maybe pink shoes too. With pink lipstick from MAC... maybe I should cool the pink love. 

Moving on...the long line jackets are so cool too with a mixed denim skirt and THOSE boots. Oh god it would look fabulous! Bodysuits seem to be the staple at the moment and this one from Nobody's Child is to die for! I'm hoping they have it back in my size.
It's just a shame I don't have money for a new wardrobe for these wonderful pieces. But a girl can dream. 

I'll be dreaming of these lovely things. What have you seen in the shops that are calling your name in the night?

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