Caught In Coachella

It's Coachella season! Which means the 'Festive Season' means something a little less snowy and a little less clothing. Yes, the festival season has kicked off in America. Although lets be honest, what music is actually playing at Coachella? No one knows! What we do know is that there appears to be a 'best dressed' competition as the florals, tassels and peace signs have over flowed our instagram feeds.  I couldn't help but be inspired as festival fashion is totally just "my style". The florals, the tassels and the peace signs. It's Little Katie all over! 

As you can see from the surroundings (or lack of), I obviously did not make it over the seas to Coachella. Or to any form of sun, of that matter, which answers the lack of colour on my legs. But no matter! The joy of the "festive season" continues because I picked up the cutest playsuit for just £10 in the H&M sale and then found the perfectly matching necklace from Forever 21. Could it be anymore perfect? 

Pink is the in colour for spring and I think for summer too, which is great because what's one of my favourite colours? So I opt'd for a subtle smoky pink eye (not the disease pink eye), look with of course a wing. A girl has to have her wings! The lipstick I used was Elizabeth Arden in Ultra Violet. I thought it would just be for winter but it matches my head scarf so why the hell not! 

I love the idea of going to a festival. I have grown up with music as such a big part of my life. I listened to it as a form of escapism and you cannot beat hearing live music. It moves me so much that I really do cry if someone sings live. I can imagine the atmosphere, warmth and light radiating off each body as everyone embraces the music, the event and the fact that everyone is there together. Each sharing an experience as one.
Despite the mud and the downpour of rain (T in the Park, I'm looking at you), everyone still comes out of their beer filled tents, alive, praising the weekend. There's something magical about it.

And yet, I have never been to any festival (Unless you count Edinburgh Fringe Festival). I can only imagine and dream. Think I'll start saving the pounds now. for next year. I already have started my festival wardrobe after all.

 The mix of textures and patterns capture the essence of music festivals as they become home to such a range of music and people that your outfit can reflect just that. The leather boots toughen up a pretty floral number; who wants to be tottering about in a field in strappy stilettos anyway?
This playsuit is so versatile, which is why I could tear myself away from my treasures pennies. I already can match it with other shoes to glam it up, flats or wedges for day time and with tights and ankle boots and a gillet; it's ready for winter. A true all season staple. But in this case, it would have been perfect for Coachella.

If only I was there.. 

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