Eating Edinburgh: All Bar One*

Did someone say brunch? Because brunch is the best time of the day and All Bar One has an absolute divine brunch menu that I was kindly invited to try out. With bellies rumbling and caffeine levels dipping, we grabbed a table after being greeted by the All Bar One, George Street, staff, and wasted no time in choosing our food and drink.

In no time a waiter took our drink order and within minutes re-appeared with my much needed creamy vanilla latte and a surprising side of smarties. Makes a change from the generic coffee biscuits you get and it gave me and Anastasia something to snack on while we had to make the tough decision of food. They had a traditional cooked breakfast which sounded so tasty but there was one meal I have been dying to try. Eggs Benedict. All Bar One, as quick as a flash, ordered me my very first taster of it. I'm a strong egg fan but I was always a bit weary of the sauce, never had tried it, I usually just go for classic scrambled. Until now. It arrived beautiful presented and the eggs were cooked to perfection with the most delicate, runny yolk and crispy bacon. I have been wanting it everyday since. The nut mix that came on the side complimented the hollandaise sauce so well and brought every flavour out.

Now, can we just take a moment to appreciate the interior?
Keeping in touch with the classic Edinburgh/Georgian architecture,  All Bar One gives the room a modern twist with cool lighting. With the big windows, the room, and there are multiple rooms too, there's a spacious feel to it. I really like that as I hate the feeling of having to squeeze past people or feeling surrounded by tables. The bright space, cool features and perfectly presented food, makes it the ultimate instagrammable place.

Despite just having two eggs on two muffins,  Anastasia and I agreed that it was in fact very filling and the Eggs Benedict had left us feeling very satisfied as we washed it down with a refreshing Mimosa (that's prosecco and orange juice to you and me) because that's the best part of brunch. It's not too early for an alcoholic beverage. I would say All Bar One has a relaxed, up-market pub vibe to it. It is somewhere to have a catch up with a friend, a good gathering with a group and a delicious meal, whatever you fancy. You can see the whole menu here.

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