Catch Up With a Cuppa

I don't often do these sort of 'catch up/life lately' posts but I feel like after a week away and blogging about events, I have become sort of disconnected from my blog. It happens! So how about a catch up? Grab a cuppa and I've got the biscuits.

It's time to relax, my exam is over and I'm off uni until September. God knows what I'll do with my time. Blog, work and blog some more probably. I have been to a few blogging events and more are on the list. #BloggerPerks

The sun is shining and for the first time in weeks I didn't wake up to the sound of an alarm clock. I woke up gradually around 8.30 and dosed on and off until 10. I love waking up to a tidy and organised room, I was away for a week in Germany and my room had become a dumping ground for magazines, handbags and clothes over the exam period prior to my holiday. Despite being exhausted after a fast paced week, I blitzed my room to get organised and it really clears my mind. Tidy surrounding equals a tidy mind...or something like that.

I am going to dedicate a post all to my Germany trip so I wont go into too much detail but that was my first time going to Europe (Not counting Ireland) and first time away to somewhere for reasons not to visit family. I was so excited for the months building up and then it was over in a flash. I have already started planning a trip to Denmark and have prioritised saving for that over new clothes.

Not that I can afford either right now...

The flight back from Germany was pretty tense. Not only am I returning to Sleepy Stirling but I am also having to face to the fact that I might be getting made redundant or at least my hours being cut to a measly 8 hours at work. Bloody economy! I have never experienced this before and have always found work to cover rent but this time it's tricky and uncertain. I have an interview lined up at a pub so I am hoping they offer enough work for me. I have a fear of not earning enough money, growing up when we had to choose between a food shop and central heating, has left me money savvy (apart from the shopping sprees) and since moving out I always made sure I didn't have to worry about finances. Until now. My grandparents have told me most people go through it and it's best I go through it now while I'm young and have savings. Therefore, it wont hit me harder if I come across this experience again. They don't seem too worried about me so I suppose I should take it as a good sign. I often freak out easily, especially when it comes to the subject of money. All I can do is keep job hunting and not spend the money I have.

Following from this, I haven't had the need to buy clothes. I have my summer pieces form last year and that will do. It's time to be strict once more budget. I want to be one of those organised adults who takes notes of incomes and outgoings. I have already got my diary and notebooks open ready for the scribbles and probably regrets (vodka-I'm looking at you).  I'd like to call this Project Organisation. Having a timetable/schedule system for my blog posts seems like a positive thing and over the summer I will have more time, that's if I don't agree to work every hour under the sun. Holler for the dollar! 

In the meantime I'm going to focus on the positive things that I have around me and the job situation is an obstacle. I already have a busy few weeks planned and looking back over the events I've been to, the meet up with friends and my time in Germany, I feel very lucky to have it so good.

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