Good Brands And Good Blogging

A few weeks ago I wrote a post on my bad experiences with some brands through blogging and I'm seeing more bloggers sticking up for themselves when brands try to take advantage of us (Yay!). As respect is a two way thing, I wanted to shine some glittery light onto the brands that I have had a pleasure of working with because I didn't want to discourage anyone from working with brands. When brands respect you, and you respect them, it can be a beautiful thing and can make very good blog content.

My latest collaboration has been with (notice the little box on the right hand side). Not only do they sell sassy products, they ask our advice. I am one of the many 'Brand Ambassadors" or Coconut Queens, as they call it. I like that. I love being a Queen.

 They offer a discount and update us with newsletters to show us their new products. They also are super speedy at replying to any email and there is always a personal tone to their replies. Makes a difference to some of the automated robotic emails I have come across. We get a chance to raise any ideas or if we want to collab with them, the Coconut Lane HQ are very open to it.

Another brand was which gave me a free phone cover to blog about. They were really polite when asking and made sure I had received the product and was happy with it before I blogged about it. They were so nice that I felt bad that my photos came out with such low quality. But hey ho, I didn't have my camera and had to make do with what I had and the folk at Go Customized were happy with my post and shared it. Thanks!

I also have to praise the people at Ted and Muffy. They held an event for us, Edinburgh Bloggers-you can read the post here and the ladies there were so helpful and welcoming. We got given a pair of boots and then I included them in an outfit post here .

photo by Ingvild
 Despite it being a while since I posted it, whenever I share it on social media, Ted and Muffy on twitter always like it and share it. I feel like they really appreciate anyone who blogs and they have replied to the post too, thanking me and referring to the post specifically. It's nice to see that companies actually read what you have spent so much time writing. They appreciate me and I appreciate them. Muchos love to the Ted and Muffy gang!

It really doesn't take much to show a bit of politeness when working with brands and bloggers. Both parties work hard and I always want to make a good effort on a post if I feel like the company actually values me as a blogger and a person. When you find a positive brand to work with, it's important to keep the relationship sweet, you never know when they might want to work with you again, or you might want to continue to work with them too.
These are just a few that I have worked with and over the past two years I've reviewed restaurants, shop launches and new designers. The majority of it has been very positive and I value anyone who is happy to work with me. Like I've said, it's a two way street and I would happily continue to work with brands who suit Little Kaatie. 

So to all the brands and companies I've had the pleasure of working with, I thank you! And here's to another 2 years! 

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