Hunted Vintage: For The Rebels and The Rogues

"Inspired by the rogues, the rebels and the Underground Kings. Hunted SS16 is a collation defining self-expression". 

For many, a wardrobe is not just a random collection of clothes. Each piece is carefully inspected and selected to act as a representation of its owner. If you're a vintage shopper, you wont pick 'any old hat', you will choose one to suit that will be your treasure from the junk.  Nicole Perry has taken this
and driven by her own love of vintage and fashion, she launched Hunted Vintage.  

Nicole Perry, Founder, and her models
With the tag line, "Let us do the hunting for you", Hunted Vintage sells the most desired, one of a kind pieces from a range of decades, labels and styles so you can be sure to find something to suit your own individual style. No longer do you have to rake through boxes.  Nicole hunts down vintage clothes from up and down Britain and Europe to stock and has launched her SS16 collection. It is a new way of vintage shopping and with the emphasis on individuality and moving away from expectations, Nicole proves that Hunted Vintage is more than a brand. It's a revolution. 

Saved By The Bell Knit. Image From Hunted Vintage

Oversized denim. Image from Hunted Vintage

I was invited to the launch party in Glasgow where models showed off some of the best garments and teary eyed Nicole thanked the people, her dearest friends, who have stood by her as she built this brand. Her passion shined through and it's clear that all her hard work is not in vain, it is a labour of love.  There is a love for self expression, fashion, individuality and standing up for oneself. There is a fight. Taking a slight political agenda, She explained the importance of dressing for yourself and to be confident in what you're wearing. Hunted Vintage is inspired by the people who want to break out of the social norms and are tired of being told how to act, how to dress and what to believe in. 

"Unlimited by societal perception, the collection aims to empower people, to embrace who they really are, using fashion as a method of communication to express this."  

She was talking to the right people. Fashion lovers from Glasgow and Edinburgh gathered round. Among us there were the 'power dressers', 'the bang on trenders' and the 'wear what we love-ers', all agreeing with the power fashion can hold. With a glass of fizz in one hand and a customised doughnut in the other, we were told to celebrate the launch, be happy and merry.

Nicole Perry

The venue was off the beaten track, further from Glasgow's centre than I expected, but it tied in beautifully with what the brand stands for. The Poetry Club offers a grungy, industrial vibe which supports the new Hunted Vintage collection as it has a strong focus on early 90s athelesiure with a mix of statement jackets, crop tops and jumpsuits. These styles sound familiar but they are certainly not your run of the mill garments. We 'ooh-ed and ah-ed'  at the statement pieces, which also included swimwear. People were grabbing at the chance with cash in their hand to add one of the treasures to their wardrobe. It must have been an out of this world feeling for Nicole, seeing how many people love her choices. 

That night a movement happened. Pretty and sweet isn't exactly what comes to mind, but sometimes you need edgier armour when battling 21st Century pressures. 

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