I Dream Of Shapes and Scottish Bloggers

I formally invite you to gaze upon the magic that is I Dream Of Shapes. Created by Samantha Bowie and Lorna Mackie, this new independent clothing label combines inspirations from both Edinburgh and Berlin to create unique sillouetes with unique tailoring. A group of Scottish Bloggers were invited to the studio at Flamingosauraus Rex to check out the new lines and show them off.  And the most exciting part? They will be sold at the new Flamingosaurus Rex art and design studio opening in Bruntsfield which is having a launch night on Friday 13th May.
A new season, a new brand, new shop all calls for you to invest in something completely new and fresh.

FROM BOTTOM LEFT TO RIGHT: Kimberly, Ruth, Emily

When my friend Lucie, and owner of Famingosaurus Rex, asked us to model for her, we couldn't refuse. Plus, who doesn't love a good blogger meet up? I hopped on the train and an hour and a half later (emphasis on late. Sorry Lucie) I found myself with a prosecco in hand (there's always prosecco) and we began to choose out outfits.

There is a range of high waisted skirts, crop tops, kimonos, dresses and high waisted trousers. I loved the skirts but my little body would just not accommodate  them in the way it deserved but I went for a classic piece that dear Audrey Hepburn would be proud of. A little black dress. I'll be honest, I think it's a top but that's the luck of the short! A tunic quickly turns into a dress, add some heels and red lipstick and you're good to go. And that's just what I did.

It was so much fun, I met Sophie and Cera for the first time and we were all helping each other with make up and styling. Felt like I was part of a fashion mafia getting ready for a fashion heist. If only we could have walked away with these clothes. I felt everything was perfect for each woman and with a group of 7, we all found something that suited our personal tastes too.

With these ladies, Lucie included who is off camera, I have had the pleasure of meeting the most strongest, fabulous people. I am inspired by their drive, confidence and pure sass. As each of us was going up to face the camera, we were cheering each other on, running back to make sure we caught everyone serving I Dream Of Sleep Eleganzaa!

Of course some selfies had to be taken.

Darth Emily wasn't impressed by my love. 

Caught selfie taking...
I don't know about you, but when there's a strong buzzing energy, I just want to catch it in a bottle. I Dream of Sleep gave us that buzz through their lines that we were kindly lent. The confidence rose as we liked what we saw in the mirror and as each girl rooted for the next. The mix of styles of clothes echoed the persona's in the room that day and it did not go unnoticed as each piece looked like it had been tailor made for the wearer.

The variety of fabrics that have been used is fascinating. With independent brands, I often find that a range usually has a lot in common, like fabric, with the other complimenting pieces. However, this urges you to be bold and clash the heavy quilted like skirt with an aztec, on trend crop top. Keeping in mind the shape of a woman's silhouette, high waisted seem to be the appeal in this line. Taking a classic cut as the A line or Pencil may be seen as a cop out but the sheen of the skirts and teaming with contemporary top, these timeless pieces are brought into to 2016 for the Urban Woman. The strong shapes that have been merely a dream and now turned a reality gives us a strong shape and I think can be called 'power dressing' as we felt like superhero girl bosses as soon as the clothes draped out bodies. The clothes empowered and I began dreaming of a strong future.

Thanks to...

Photographer: James Keyte
Studio:  Flamingosaurus Rex 
Designer: I Dream Of Shapes

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