Nandos' New Summer Scran

As the sun made an appearance across Scotland this week, we got very excited about the prospect of sun tans and open toe shoes. But what made us more excited? Nando's is releasing their new Spring/Summer menu and me and Sophie from  were given the chance to try it out. How can I turn down a cheeky Nandos? (That's the last time I'll use that phrase, I promise).


No fear in mixing it up a bit, Nandos' update their menu choices twice a year to suit the season and the trends of their customers, so you can try something different every time you go. This season's menu has a healthier take which fits in very well with the fact that Nandos, Stirling, is situated round the corner from the Peak Gym. Perfect when you need a protein fix and energy.  We were greeted to the bright and spacious Nandos by kindly by Emmie who gave us a run down of the new menu and was as excited as we were. She brought two pitchers of wine which come in a reasonable £9.95. The wine spritzers contains frozen fruit, acting as ice cubes, prepared freshly in the morning, they are very refreshing and light, you almost forget it has wine in it. 

The white wine spritzer was my favourites out of the two. It had lemon and mint to flavour it and I would class it as my favourite summer drink. As a classic cider drinker, think this has converted me for something a little lighter. No one wants to feel all bloated and these wines are refreshing and light enough. The rose´ wine was chilled with frozen berries, mint and lemon. It was nice too and really flavoursome, both were sweet so instantly my sweet tooth was satisfied.  Sophie and I want them to serve them in bottles for purchase. They were that good. 

But lets be honest, The Fino Platter (£23.95) is what we're here for. We came. We saw and we conquered. The perfectly cooked chicken was succulent and going for the medium spice marinade, it had the perfect kick that let all the flavours come out. Accompanying the chicken are a range of healthy sides. But don't let the word healthy put you off because each side's nutritional values are disguised with bursting flavours through dressings. The sides includes; the moreish sweet potato wedges, super grain mix with the bang on trend avocado and butter milk dressing, roasted veg in a tangy tomato sauce, corn on the cob and coleslaw.  

The slightly spiced sauce on the corn complimented the butter and gave it so much flavour and was really juicy. Along with that was the light coleslaw. Not being coated in mayonnaise it is the perfect lighter option for a side without having to go for a measly salad and the roasted veg insures you get your vitamins while enjoying the mix of flavours from peppers, onions, courgette and tomato sauce. This is definitely something I'm going to try and re create in my own kitchen...or just go to Nandos. 

I went for seconds and took a doggy bag home

I'm blessed with a dessert stomach because despite being full of chicken and sides, there is always room for ice cream and brownies. Excitingly Nandos have created their very own ice cream. Oh My God. It is so creamy and the strength of vanilla is perfect. It caresses the taste buds, perfect palette cleanser after the the Fino Platter. They also have a coconut gelato which is probably my favourite coconut product. Even better than coconut oil. Yeah. I said it. It has real coconut in it and just perfection with the chilli chocolate brownie. It counteracts the slight harsh kick that the chilli gives. The salted caramel brownie was glorious! Gooey and devilish, I couldn't get enough. 

Everything has been chosen carefully to compliment each part of the platter and they work in unison. The staff are so pleasant and with large windows, it was a perfect dining experience. They have loads of seating so grab your mates and make sure you check out their new menu. 

Thank you to the staff at Nandos Stirling for inviting us and the new menu will be launching on the 17th May. 

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