Spring and Stripes

In true Scottish style, as soon as there is an essence of sun, the summer wardrobe and bright tones quickly come out the wardrobe. It has got me all excited for spring. Finally I can start ditching my black and burgundy clothes and what way to start Spring off with a bright orange, off the shoulder top, from Nobody's Child. I have been wanting to show it off for ages and then while I waited for the snow and hail stones to stop I accidentally bought a whole new outfit with jeans and boots. Whoops. 

I met up with photographer Jasmine from A Couple Of Photos and we had a stroll around Edinburgh and took some photos in between the wintery showers-yes it hail stoning and snowing in between shots-thanks Scotland. Despite the weather, It was so much fun! Jasmine has been in Edinburgh for 6 years with her partner and other half of 'A Couple of Photos' and like me, fell in the love city. I love hearing how other people have come to live in Edinburgh. It is the city that brings people together and quickly, through the help of twitter, brought me and Jasmine together.

The orange stripes just scream 70's to me and is bang on trend with the bardot neckline. Teamed with my faux suede jacket thing (cardigan maybe?) I think I've added that bohemian twist that I just love. With an off the shoulder neckline, the detail is from your own collar bone and does not need to be pulled away with any necklaces. I like to add my jewels in the form or rings and bracelets when I'm leaving out a necklace. Besides, they only get caught in my hair anyway. #hairyproblems.

 I thought maybe it was all a bit too bright, but that's because in Scotland, we've been stuck in the dark months, dark clothes and snow for too long. Anything out of the colour spectrum between black and grey is all a bit scary for us. So with the sun peaking out, it is the perfect time to splash the lighter tones with light denim jeans and nude boots. Lighter denim offers a perfect vintage vibe and gives a little nod to the 70's and even 90's depending on how you wear them. 

With short legs comes high heels and these boots from Public Desire are the perfect pair for spring. Nude shoes will go with everything and I was surprised at how comfortable they were. I'm forever planning outfits to go around these boots and were one of the reasons why I bought these jeans. I definitely needed another pair of jeans, okay? Just like I needed another pair shoes.

I have to thank Jasmine so much for these photos. There are more here and you will probably see more pop up on instagram and throughout future blog posts. She is Edinburgh based and she is just fabulous! She makes me look like a proper blogger, right?

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