#STUDENTLIFE: Summer Struggles

It has been waaay too long since I did one of these. And yes I know, you're thinking, what, but Katie, Uni is over for the summer! It's time to relax and celebrate! Uh-hu. I'm sure it is. Except one thing...we're still broke.
And even worse...no more student loan until September.

Summer for a student can either be the best time or the not so best time. I am staying in Stirling while everyone else has gone home and my holiday away has been and gone. What now? I'm skinto and uni isn't even there to give me something to do!My heart sunk when I got my last SAAS payment this month. If you're smart (like me-don't mean to boast) you should have kept some money back from the big chunk we get at the start of the year, that could cover at least another month's rent. You only have to worry about another 4 months of rent to find (ahahhaha *dies inside*). But if you got carried away with seeing the pennies in you're bank, like we all do, this summer might be a little concerning. Especially if you're not one of the students who goes back home.
I had a little panic about what I would do do recently, but after a few deep breaths, cups of tea and plenty of biscuits, I have come up with solutions to put minds at ease.

1. Get a job.
Sorry but if you want some money, you betta werk!

There are always summer jobs going somewhere. Pubs, B&Bs, Hotels, summer fairs (which pay a good amount by the way). The highland fair in Edinburgh pays £300 for 2 days of work! Crazy! But the more you work, the more you earn and can save some, if you want. Then when your loan comes back you have even more cash to play with!

2. Take up a hobby.
I have this blog so expect a lot more frequent posts but summer and spare time allows you to explore more things. Any enhanced skill or knowledge is valuable to your CV along with your pending degree. I want to read more and get fit-I have been saying this for the past 2 years but I have already finished one book and half way through another while I have gone for a run a few times too.

3. Meet new people
I bet after going through uni you're sick of meeting new people, but I found it was easy to stick to the same group of folk at uni. It alway is when you're in a classroom environment. Taking up a new hobby or a job is a great way of making new friends and that's good when all you're uni buddies are away.

4. Time to spring clean.
This one might only appeal to some...okay me. I love a good cleaning sesh. I get a sense of accomplishment and I feel like I can do something, okay? 

But over the summer is the perfect time to sell some clothes you don't wear, throw out the old uni books and forms that were never signed to give yourself breathing space. It will give you a blank space to re-clutter for the new term. You could even try and give your room a new summer theme in the process. I am seeing flamingos everywhere right now. I want one.

5. Work Experience.
This is one that I've  actually been putting off. Anyone else get scared and feel a tonne of pressure to get work experience during the summer? I do! But it's a good time to do it and it will keep your "I must get my degree" focus over the time off. Or so they say...

6. Challenge Yourself.
Okay, I have just thought of this one half way through writing this post but I'm going to do it and it excites me. Set yourself goals for the summer. Maybe it could be do something once a week that you've never done before or save so much money in the week or help another person once a day. Something fulfilling. 

If you're like me and get really competative, this might keep you motivated over the summer when the town becomes quiet and you become bored. You can't watch box sets for 5 months! Although...that is a challenge in itself, right?

What ever you do over the summer, enjoy your time off! My first year at uni is all wrapped up and I've been getting emails about second year already...yay.

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