Thursday Thoughts: Accepting My Body

I like my body. I like the way my waist goes in. I like the way my bum curves round. I like my legs. In fact, I love my legs. They carry me and take me places. My calves look slender when I wear heels. My stomach may not be toned but I like it. I check myself out when I walk past a window and give the woman looking back at me a grin and a high five. And it's about bloody time!

 What do you think when you look in the mirror? It has become a rarity that people are happy with their reflection and we can easily find more than one thing that we would like to change. Being proud of my appearance does not make me vain. It doesn't make me stupid or arrogant. It has taken over a decade to get to this point of acceptance and self love. A decade too long. Why are we a society that thinks it's normal to hate your body and shocking if you love it. I remember standing gazing into my own reflection questioning why I was so ugly, why was my body so wrong? Why did I have fat thighs? Why did my stomach stick out more than the girls at school and why were my face facial features so out of proportion? It was almost impressive how easily I found a flaw in my own body. I even hated my knuckles. They are so red and boney! I thought. It is exhausting to hate your body. You're stuck with it and to me, it was a painful reminder of every failure and imperfection in my life.

Sad isn't it? Soul destroyingly sad. That's why I had to change. 
You only have one body. It does so many wonderful things. It doesn't deserve to be hated. Sorry to break it to you, but you are indeed stuck with it! (Unless you can afford to go through surgery of course.) So you might as well save your energy, money and accept it. 

My body has been through a lot. Hatred, starvation, pain and over indulgence. It has changed a lot, I've seen it change shapes and weight but finally I have come to a point where I'm happy with it. It may not be toned and yes I have a few wobbly bits, but they're mine and I loved that chocolate oreo cheesecake. Yet I walk into a room with confidence, the girl who would find a corner to hide in is long gone as I now "work the room", as they say. From years of wanting the small frail frame, I now shiver at the thought. I have a strong frame of a 21 year old woman. I want to travel, work hard and enjoy every aspect that life has to offer. I refuse to let any negative thoughts about myself cloud my mind and diminish my opportunity to enjoy the life I can live.

That is why I am not afraid to love my body and show it. That is why I am urging you to love your body. It is the  shell that protects your soul, not a definition of the person you are, or could be. You should treat it and yourself as you would a best friend. Embrace every curve, every bone and every freckle you own because you own it.

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There will be times where you wont like what you see, but in those moments, that is the time to prove your inner strength. Really concentrate on the positives, and push away those low thoughts to see the beauty that you behold inside and out. You have a wonderful soul and that is the beauty that radiates. Obviously I didn't wake up one day and suddenly loved my figure, it has taken a long amount of time, starting off with a small self compliment and growing until I could stand in front of a mirror and smile.  That is one of the biggest achievements I have come by and I am proud of myself. I stand tall (figuratively speaking) and strong, ready for anything.


  1. You go girl! So inspirational!

  2. we all have to learn how to accept ourselves before wanting others to accept us.
    Very inspirational post, thank you for sharing