Blogger's Block.

I think a lot of people go through it. You lie in bed one night, usually some silly hour in the early morning, mind bursting with ideas and plans for you little space on the internet. You wake up and suddenly the fresh day light has wiped clean your ideas and things in the morning, as per, are not as attractive as they were the night before.

I sit at my desk, blog in front of me, hands poised ready for some great post to come streaming through. And nothing. Not one word.
It's not like I haven't been doing's just..I can't seem to get the words from my days onto paper (or blank screen).  A loss of creative ideas causes a real halt to blogging motivation. Seeing other bloggers post everyday with words of wisdom or sharp, clear, cut outfit photos reminds me that I'm not up to par with them. I'm wanting to be a journalist and it's a terrifying thought that right now, I feel that I can't write. Of course I can write, I'm writing now. But I can't write on a schedule and sometimes I can't have idea after idea.

My mind is swirling around with a list of things I need to. After an out of the blue eviction notice without reason, I'm making a list of what to pack, what to throw away and how I'm actually going to move my stuff out is a whole other thing that I'd rather not think about right now. I'm thinking about work, holidays, money and then the stress that I have barely any motivation to blog between this comes along. I click the x on the webpage and continue to mindlessly scroll through facebook and prepare for a netflix sesh. Another day without post.

I know this a blip. Once I'm more settled I can concentrate on some strong content. I'd rather wait and write something well rather than some half arsed generic post.
So bear with. There's plenty of words over this blog to keep you entertained. You can even have a giggle at my very first blog posts.

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