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Following from my Germany posts (here and here) I thought I ought to tell you about the make up (mainly lipsticks) that I picked up on my holiday. I couldn't resist. Germany has brands that I've never heard of and OH MY GOD so flipping cheap that I was like that little child in Tesco who is allowed to fill up the Pic A Mix tub even though they've been eating the sweets for the whole shopping trip and has the sugar shakes. Yeah. That excited. I have a thing for lipsticks at the moment, I have been watching a lot of make up tutorials so naturally make up collection continues to grow and German and European brands are just too tempting. 

I picked up a bright pink lipstick by P2, a perfect matt red by Essence and a liquid lipstick by German brand TrendIt Up and re-purchased Catrice's concealer because it is my fave. I wrote about it here already.  Along with that I found a translucent powder for 4 Euros by Manhattan. When I told the girls that I've never seen the brand Manhattan in our shops, they were shocked and I think they felt a bit sorry for me. Apparently I'm missing out and if the powder has anything to go by, I will definitely be visiting that brand again. The powder doesn't go on cakey and I feel it really helps sets my foundation in place as well as taking away the shine on my nose and forehead. Anyone else has a really shiny forehead? Like, what is that about? It comes with a little drawer on the side which holds a powder pad (is that what you call it?) but no mirror which is kind of annoying but for only 4 Euros I think I can let it slip...unlike my make up.

 I hadn't seen Essence before but I did I bit of research (aka googled it) and found that it is actually sold in the UK but only in Wilko stores. It is is a really cheap brand and going by their graphics and doodles on the website is is targeting the Tween generation-think Miss Sporty but meets good quality. They're just over £2 I think and the formula is so creamy and doesn't dry out on the lips like my MAC one does (yeah, I said it). This read is the classic red in my opinion. I have an orangey red, a deep red, a bright red and then a brighter red. This one is the linking gem. It does transfer really easily though but I haven't actually found any lippy that doesn't yet. Any suggestions on that part would be much appreciated.

The second swatched is Posh Pink by P2 and their shiny lilac packaging is for a new line so I thought it would just be rude if I didn't by one. The lipstick really stands out against the other ones in their black packaging and I can always find it in my handbag too. I went for a bright pink as it is so out of my comfort zone but wanted to try something different. Also it matched perfectly with the pink on my Dirndl dress that I was going to be wearing later that day for the beer festival. The lipstick has a really strange edge as you can see from the photos above and not quite sure their reasoning for that. It's a bit awkward to use but if feels really nice on the lips and stayed on for ages. The lipstick has a shiney finish which makes lips look a fuller and that's always a good think for me.

Lastly I bought a liquid lipstick from TrendIt Up which smells like the strawberry and cream sweeties that you use to get (where have they gone by the way?!) The formula isn't great to be honest but the colour is to die for! It is my absolute favourite and love it. It is perfect for the day and is a great pinky/mauvy colour. I posted a photo on instagram here so you can see how lush it is. It has a thick consistency and the un-angled applicator makes it a bit awkward to apply but if you scrape off the excess it goes on more smoothly and dries better. It does transfer a bit too which is a disappointing but it was 3.75 Euro so just under £3 and I the colour is so so nice I couldn't turn it away. I tried another colour-a dark purple which had a thinner consistency and overall dried and lasted longer without transfer. So maybe they just need to tweak some things in the future. Best thing about it thought is that although it's a lip cream, it doesn't dry out your lips either. Despite it's flaws it's actually one of my most used lip products at the moment. So I really need to get back over to Germany to buy more of the TrendIt Up products. I remember being torn about which to buy. First world problems at it's worst! 

All of my new lipsticks mean I need to invest in some new lip liners so I'm now popping on my shoes to buy some and add to my collection. I cannot guarantee that I won't buy more makeup in the process. 
What brands have you been loving and have you tried any of these? 

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