Thursday Thoughts: I Stand With Love

Speechless. Disgusted. Infuriated.

That's how I felt when I heard about the massacre in Orlando. How can someone kill another human being? Gun attacks are horrifyingly becoming the norm on the news, but that doesn't make them any easier to comprehend or get use to hearing. It's sick. It's sick that a man can believe that he has the right to choose whose life should end based on his own narrow minded, homophobic, twisted opinion. For friends, families, survivors and the city, things will never be the same. How can someone hate the way others live so much?

I don't understand. 

I suppose I'm lucky to have grown up with a mum who raised me to know that everyone is equal. I never questioned someone's sexual preferences as being right or wrong. We are all humans on this earth to live, learn and love. Who you do that with is your choice. To think that other people fail to think like that, baffles me.

Should we not all be educated like that? We are now in 2016 where the LGBT community are more vocal than ever. Gay marriage is legal in all states and equality is looking more and more like a realistic dream. How in 2016 are people still against it? It makes my heart ache that people part of the LGBT community still live in fear.

From that point, why are the media refusing to call it what it was? It was a terror attack, a hate crime against the LGBT community. Sky news had a discussion with Guardian journalist Own Jones and shrugged off his comments on the effect it has had on the community and that it was a targeted attack on a community of people. It wasn't a crime against "just people having fun", it was a disgusting attack based on sexuality. Showing the cracks in "The Free World's" education system and those notorious gun laws.

Being one of the most deadliest attacks in Modern American History, you'd think this would shine that big obvious light to the politicians. Yet, Donald Trump would rather everyone have a gun tied to their belt. Their gun law is a constitution from the 1700s! Newsflash to American, times have changed since then. People have developed and ideologies are growing to be more bold and irrational. According to the BBC, in 2015, there were 372 mass shootings in America, murdering 475 and injuring 1,870. These figures have obviously risen and it terrifies me to think that these are going to continue to rise if America doesn't put an end to gun ownership. Trump is encouraging violence with every speech and his supporters are stand by him as he seems to hate...anyone that isn't him.
He wants to put an end to terrorism and thinks guns are the answer but terrorism can come from a white person from your home town with a gun.

You'd think that it being 2016 and the speed technology is developing, our brains would too. Yet people are still living in the 1700s. It doesn't matter to me where you come from, what your sexuality is or what religoun you follow. It matter to me that you love each other and respect one another. I saw a status on facebook that said,
"You shouldn't be saying, I don't care if you're gay, you should be saying I'll protect you."

I don't want anyone living in fear.  

Fear is a crippling emotion that can drive you over the edge. The world is being driven by hate speech, propaganda, wars and divisions. Every time I watch the news I ask myself, "When will it end?"

It will end when we are taught to how to love and to accept it.
A human emotion that has become lost in the sea of the agendas, competitiveness and media.
It is time to reclaim it. Not fear it.

I stand with every country, every nation that is caught in the battle for love and peace. I stand with the communities that have lost innocent people at the cost of hate. I stand with love.

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