Thursday Thoughts: Summer's Sexualisation

Okay, so we may not have had the summer that we were hoping for. But we had some good days. Summer is the time when we can ditch the jumpers and opt for a t shirt, dress or shorts, a little less clothing. Like, it's hot out there, and especially those from Scotland, we can't handle it too well. There's one more thing I can't handle in the summer...the wolf whistles, the cat calls and the sexualised comments that are made as I walk into town in my skirt and crop top.

I cannot stand it!

Why should we have to decide if a summer outfit is "too sexy"? When it's probably not, yes might have my legs out...but that's because it is 27 fucking degrees! And they're legs! Nothing fancy about them apart from looking like two milk bottles. I have heard of women being asked if they're "asking to get raped" for how they dress in summer-Sorry, WHAT?! I have, at times chosen a longer, more quiet route to take home in the summer because I want to avoid cars beeping their horns and I know I'm not the only one who just hesitated on actually stepping outside to keep away from the comments or the feeling of being ogled at.

Why must women being sexualised in the summer for wanting to dress cooler, to suit these unexpected heatwaves? I don't understand why men think it's okay to shout at women who walk down the street. We don't wear clothes for you. We don't walk for you or your friends in your little fiat car with Drake blasting through the speakers. Do you expect us to turn round when you call "nice arse darlin'" and take off the clothes that we were hesitant to wear outside, for you?


But when will it end? Who knows! Maybe when summer's over. But do not let them win. Our choices should not be controlled by other's opinions. Keep doing what you're doing and keep your head held high.

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