War And Peace

For weeks we have been begging for a summer and as soon we got it. All at once. The temperature in Stirling, scorched our un-expecting skin at 27 degrees. Typically British of me, I quickly dashed the shady areas of the town and complained it was too hot. There's no pleasing us is there? In fact, I have found myself complaining a lot recently.  Most recently the Trident debate had me riled up and I needed some fresh air. To be honest, I was in the right mind to get down to London to protest with the Stop The War campaigners but alas, I found slight comfort in my wardrobe and used what I had to show my stance on the situation. (Heads up, there's a tangent)

Even after the findings of the Chilot report, lies based on nuclear weapons, opposition from the SNP party and Jeremy Corbyn, the debate ended with the renewal of Trident. As I saw the update flash on my phone, I let out a huff and a "fuck sake". Having these can post as a threat to others and does that not put us in more danger and could be seen as a target? Furthermore, as Mhairi Black put it, they just "preserve Westminster’s self-indulgent image of importance. This is all part of the Government’s long-term economic sham". Another "great" decision by "Great" Britain.

There has been so much unnecessary, merciless bloodshed and we certainly don't need anything to promote any other violence or destruction. Of course, Theresa May doesn't see it this way, considering she was in favour of those air strikes in Syria. On her first couple of weeks of being PM she is already ruffling feathers and making her mark on the country.  And we have to just sit tight while a handful of people in London make decisions for the UK. Thats cool... *eye roll*. 

So I suppose I should chat a bit about the outfit-which was the plan before I went on that mini rant... but it is relevant. I promise. I choose my clothes based on how I'm feeling, what I've been inspired by. The recent wars and discussions of past wars that has been over the media is something I've been following and I feel very strongly about. The urgency to have our voices heard is transparent but our messages are falling on deaf ears. So with the scorching weather and anti-war messages ringing in my ears, I was inspired by the peace protests of the 1960/70s with the long flowing skirts to match the hair to mirror the freedom that is wanted from war and violence. 

In the tense times we are in, it's important to show as much goodness and spread kindness where you can. Even a little bit a day can make someone's day a little better and give us a slight break from the bad news that we have grown so accustomed to. 

And in other news, us short girls can wear maxi skirts too. Don't be fooled by the length. But you all know that. 

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